Another Bad Idea

From time to time my friend Warren has good ideas and recently he set up a secretish blog that isn’t linked from all his other stuff with the purpose of giving him some place to write a little something every day and just help keep things flowing. A while back when I was doing the 750 words thing I found that the motivation to check that off the list every day was powerful and I was much more creative after writing it but then I missed a day and blew the streak and it was depressing and I never went back. I tried a few other times to get a habit going to various degrees of success so I thought I’d follow Warren’s lead here and set this up, don’t tell anyone and then just write some shit. Since I’m not linking to it from anywhere I don’t know who will find it or if I’ll cave and just tell people at some point but in the meantime I’m just going to use it to write a little stream of consciousness every day and hope it helps. Fingers crossed.