I’m amassing quite the collection of noise makers and while that could be an analogy for any number of things in this case I’m talking about actual noise makers. Weird electronic devices that spit out bleeps and boops and static. Each one on it’s own is mildly amusing for a few minutes, but I’ve got this weird idea that I can somehow run them all together in some chaotic daisy chain and make something interesting. I keep running into cabling problems. One device will only work with a mono cable, another only with stereo. Half of them are 1/4 plugs, the other 1/8. Only 2 of them have inputs, the rest are all out only. I bought a 4 channel mixer to try and handle some of that but that only has 1/4 plug inputs. What I’m left with at the moment is a bunch of random noise, which isn’t surprising given what I’m starting with. I keep hoping to pull something else out of it, though I’m not sure how I’d recreate that if I did. It’s for the band I keep telling myself, though I might be the only one in the band that feels that way.

See what I mean that this could be an analogy for anything.