Watching the events unfold in Ferguson, MO from the other side of the Atlantic is odd. Most often I’m in the US watching and discussing chaos elsewhere around the world, so being in Europe and watching this happening back in America makes so much of it seem like some impossible mixture of the usual “that drama happening over there” as well a bit of reality tv styled reflections on society that you don’t want to admit is real but know it can’t be denied. That is of course on top of a deep rooted feeling of “of course this is happening” and disbelief that the authorities and politicians are being so obvious and all the while wondering when it’ll happen again, if it’ll spread and questioning how it didn’t happen sooner.

Also for the first time ever I’m finding myself thinking about the fact that I’m publicly criticizing politicians and law enforcement while out of the country and wondering if that will impact me upon my return and the border crossing which is essentially a rights free zone. I’m 39 and I’ve never once thought about that and now it’s constantly on the back of my mind. A very real chilling effect. Thanks Obama.