Hacking the bullshit “butter in coffee” thing with a vitamix blend of coconut milk, coconut oil (pure MCT), stevia, cinnamon and a chemex full of coffee. Todays coffee is Kenyan roasted by Nomad in Barcelona and I added a scoop of Vega nutritional smoothie mix because I ran out of fruit yesterday and didn’t make it to the store to get anything new so didn’t have anything for my usual fruity morning smoothie and hoped this combo would some how cover the bases. It’s drinkable but in hindsight I should have just made normal coffee and found something else to eat and then just gotten off my ass and gone to the store for some fruit.

Fruit smoothies are tending to be a handful of grapes, an orange, a lemon, frozen bananas, some kind of berries (often blue), some kind of greens (kale or baby spinach, sometimes both), chia seeds and if needed a splash of coconut water. If I’m illin’ a chunk of ginger might make it’s way in there too, occasionally maca poweder too. Finished off with some kind of sweetener which can be anything from a kiki, to a handful of dates, to maple syrup to stevia extract. Blend the fuck out of it, drink. Coffee chaser.