You never realize how confusing publishing openly can be until you try to match up open licenses between different people and then end up arguing for the exact same thing with slightly different wording. I never anticipated getting into the “my open is better than your open” or “your open is more restrictive than my open” discussions. Makes a brother want to just go back to plain old copyright, at least everyone agrees what that means.

Unrelated. When I lived in Gainesville shows shows starting at midnight, 1am or even 2am wasn’t unusual by any means. It was weird for a show to begin before 11pm, almost considered a matinee. Of course now that I’m old I’m used to 8pm and be home in bed by 10. Tonight we’re playing a club that doesn’t open until 11 and going on after midnight. I’m hoping to channel my inner 20 something punk rocker to handle it.