I opened this window with the full intention of bitching about email and then clicked over to check email and then found that the SMTP error I had the other day which prevented me from sending any emails at all was back and a bunch of stuff I tried to send earlier in the day was stuck in the outbox. I was only able to solve the problem the other day by deleting my email account settings entirely and starting over from scratch which I’d really prefer not to do all over again so I struggled with that for a while and then found a halfassed work around which is less than ideal on all fronts but does work so at least those emails went out but then of course there were new emails. I need to stop treating my inbox like a todo list. That is, I need process a request in an email and put it on my actual todo list rather than leaving it unread as if that will remind me to address it later, which it never does.

I hired a somewhat assistant recently to help with my scheduling of calls an appointments and that’s changed everything for me, I can’t believe I ever tried to do all that on my own before and how much easier it is now just to CC her on my email reply and then magically appointments get worked out between her and the other people and show up in my calendar. I don’t know why I resisted the logic on this for so long but it’s amazing to have it in action now. I wish I could hire someone deal with all my emails too.