Endless weeks of temperatures topping 90F and near 100% humidity has rebooted the “where can we move because this shit is unbearable” discussions. When I moved to LA in 2001 one of the major draws was the lack of humidity so even if it was hot it wasn’t sticky hot, which coming from Chicago and Florida before that – humidity was I was desperately trying to escape. Some people love even crave the humidity but I can’t stand it. LA was supposed to be the land of no humidity but that has changed. I don’t even know who to blame for it – El Niño? Obama? Terrorists?

In any case it’s crossed a line.

So of course this discussion leads to complicated places -If we’re to move due to climate then we might as well consider political climate as well. Where are we least likely to run into militarized police forces, least likely to be under constant surveillance? But that’s just the start – Where has good schools for the kid, is close to the water, close to a major international airport, has fast internet, a language we speak, etc, etc. And that’s not even thinking about the social bits -do we have friends there or will friends be passing though -don’t want to end up somewhere where we won’t ever see anyone again like what happened when we moved to Venice. The list gets quite long eventually eliminating all possible options. Which then requires a reassessment of those criteria, which are more important than others. So far, no clear resolution.