Testing out Desk. I have about 10 different text editors that I use for various things, not to mention another 10 websites that I have some browser based interface that I need to use to post things. I get frustrated wishing one had the features of another or worse two being almost identical and not knowing if there’s some reason I should be using one over the other. Back in the day I had a desktop blog editor that let me write for all my sites from one place and publish that way which was great but eventually they stopped being updated and stopped working. Someone pointed out Desk to me the other day which does that (hence this test post that I’m writing with it) as well as a number of other straight forward text editing features. Maybe the way to look at it is a very clean and distraction free writing platform / text editor that lets you publish out what you’ve written in a variety of ways including to a blog on the web. You can also export text to HTML, RTF, DOCX or PDF. I can say that writing with it right now it’s quite nice, very much like the interface on Medium where there is nothing beside your text visible until you need it. If this works out it might be a nice central place to compose text and then export it to a blog, to Scrivner or Quip.