After 2 weeks in the jungle I’m feeling super overwhelemed by everything in my house and about to go on a crazy purge rampage. Throwing away/donating so much stuff, I wish there was an easy way to quickly offer this stuff to friends but so far all attempts at that have resulted in piles of things sitting around my house for months. I’m getting everything off desks & shelves, clearing out drawers, being ruthless. How many pairs of pants and black shirts do I need? Less than I have for sure. Do I need this box that __ came in? No. 20 pairs of socks. No way.


One thing I really need to resolve is paperstuffs. I have no viable filing option and that results in a lot of stacks of things around. I’m sure others have faced this and found solutions in the past so I need to research. And of course I’m leaving town again this week so I have a small window to axe things, which is nice. Forced deadline.