Selling fake acid to other students was pretty easy. All the benefit with none of the risk, or so I thought. First of all most of the high school kids in middle of nowhere Florida circa 1988 had never seen real LSD so believable authenticity wasn’t that much of an issue. Get construction paper and a small hand perforating tool – the kind that looks like a pizza cutter but instead of a big sharp wheel it has a smaller wheel with spikes almost like a gear. Use the tool and a ruler to section off little squares and stamp a cute little image on each one. The final touch comes from using a spray bottle to mist the paper with water so the stamp bleeds a little and gives the impression it was soaked with something. Then let the word get out that you have it, $20 a hit. If the campus cop hears and grabs you no big deal because it’s just paper and water. Worst thing they can do is yell at you. But the cops never heard and it sold like crazy. Even better was watching all these idiots walking around school pretending they were tripping, trying to make each other think they were even more fucked up than the guy next to them, even though they both were dosing on water.

I never anticipated was that I’d be seen as competition, that was a mistake.