Wedged between

For years I slept like that, wrapped up in a cocoon of blankets with the covers pulled up over my head entirely. With only a space for my nose to poke out and get air, without fail I’d wake with fresh mosquito bites on my face. Far from ideal on just about every level, it was still preferable to having bites everywhere else or worst of all the constant “zzzzzeeet” in my ear as they flew around trying to decide where best to land on me. And I speak from experience, mosquito bits inside an earlobe are horrific. But at least this was inside to some extent, four walls and a roof even if most of the windows in those walls had no glass and the roof was full of holes. It wasn’t outside in the park, it wasn’t under the bridge, it wasn’t on a sidewalk in a doorway so it was luxury as far as I was concerned.