The thing about going through a plate glass window is you have to commit. Sure if you had your choice you’d probably choose to do something else, but once you are heading towards that glass and you know you ain’t stopping when you hit it – and trust me, you know – you can’t puss out. The last thing you want to do is get stuck in the window, or halfway through it have a big sheet of that stuff come down on you like a guillotine and chop you in half. It can happen, the edges don’t even need to be that sharp on account of the weight and speed those pieces will be coming down. So once you know you are going through, you gotta really do it. Put in the extra effort and aim to be all the way through the store front glass before a single shard hits the sidewalk. Try to roll, or land on a table to break your fall or something but don’t stop moving. You are getting cut for sure, trick is not to get killed. If you worry about getting cut you are focusing on the wrong thing. Just get through it and out of the way. If you get hung up halfway through it’s over.