collecting miles

The legal requirement to have a permanent address is lost on me. I don’t have a home so much as a processing station that I pass through to exchange gear. I have 5 identical suitcases packed with everything I need for 5+ days in a particular climate. Is it cold where I’m headed? Grab suitcase #1. Hot? Suitcase #2. Rainy? Suitcase #3. If it’s some combination of those I call ahead and Sarah, my assistant who I haven’t actually seen in person in over 3 years, customizes a set up for me and has suitcase #4 or #5 waiting for me. Whatever suitcase I currently have I leave and Sarah gets everything in it washed, refilled, repacked and ready to go in 24 hours. I never think about it, it’s just done. But then again I flew 480 thousand miles last year so this is as much a requirement as it is a luxury. But then again, I’m not so much going to anywhere as I am going away from somewhere else, so saying anything related to that is a luxury is a joke. But this has proven to be the best way to remain unpredictable.