At face value the truce between the Triad and the Mexican Mafia was a good thing but at street level it was an accounting nightmare. This was mostly due to the refusal to give up any territory on either side resulting in completely nightmarish divisions. Take the gas station on the corner of Venture and Fig for example, this used to be heavily contested territory and as a consumer the two things you could always count on were gang tags all over every square inch of flat surface and available gas for your car. Both sides claimed this was theirs and because the truce rules state that wherever they were at the time of the truce they kept – the pumps are owned by the vatos and the store and registers owned by the dragons. Now the tags are gone but if you can get gas is a crap shoot because when you roll up you have to play nice with with the prison tattoo covered latina running the pump just to get access to it and then hope she hasn’t missed off the guy inside who only speaks Chinese causing him to cut off fuel to the pump. If you can fill up your car then you literally have to cross gang lines to walk in the store and pay, and the price you saw outside isn’t likely to be the price you pay inside and going back outside again means demanding questions about how much that fuck at the cash register charged you and who did or didn’t get their share. It’s a huge pain in the ass now. I wish they’d go back to war.