Getting in wasn’t easy, but that was the point. The people who made it through the steps are the ones who needed to be there and the ones who didn’t, didn’t. The first step involved finding information from 15 different people, so the network was important. Find the people, play nice, get the details. With… Read More


At face value the truce between the Triad and the Mexican Mafia was a good thing but at street level it was an accounting nightmare. This was mostly due to the refusal to give up any territory on either side resulting in completely nightmarish divisions. Take the gas station on the corner of Venture and… Read More

collecting miles

The legal requirement to have a permanent address is lost on me. I don’t have a home so much as a processing station that I pass through to exchange gear. I have 5 identical suitcases packed with everything I need for 5+ days in a particular climate. Is it cold where I’m headed? Grab suitcase… Read More


The implants made everything better. I know some people will never be comfortable with the hybrid philosophy but I’d never go back. Do you remember the days of juggling devices, always checking apps, looking for new massages, for new updates. And then trying to manage it all. Did you post enough to this account today, did… Read More


The thing about going through a plate glass window is you have to commit. Sure if you had your choice you’d probably choose to do something else, but once you are heading towards that glass and you know you ain’t stopping when you hit it – and trust me, you know – you can’t puss out.… Read More


“What am I supposed to do with this fucking snowman?” he asked. The neighbor, Mrs Rider had just brought over the obnoxious lawn ornament as a gift, and being Mid november she most certainly would expect to see it outside in front of the house for the rest of the year. It was inflatable but… Read More


The room is completely dark with the exception of 3 candles dancing across the black velvet covered wall. Just enough light to count several figures standing along the other walls, but not enough to make out any features under their oversized hoods. The two closest to the front of the room hold swords upright, reflecting every bit of… Read More

Wedged between

For years I slept like that, wrapped up in a cocoon of blankets with the covers pulled up over my head entirely. With only a space for my nose to poke out and get air, without fail I’d wake with fresh mosquito bites on my face. Far from ideal on just about every level, it was… Read More


I typed out the passcode and directions on my light tan 1960’s Smith Corona manual typewriter. It’s a solid metal beast that kills your fingers to type on but it’s also offline and untraceable. They made millions of these things and there’s no records of where any of them ended up so even in the absolute… Read More


I paid the kids next door $100 to keep an eye on things while I was away, innocently at first but kind of hoping they didn’t take too close a look and decide the things were worth more to them than the $100 was. I imagined mob pay offs worked the same way – pay… Read More