Still secret

I’m impressed with myself that I’ve managed to keep this a secret for 12 days, publicly anyway. I’ve told 3 people (hi) but I’d be surprised if this has yet to become a daily read for anyone since it’s just me trying to get in the habit for the most part. I’ve struck a fun balance between resisting the urge to talk about it and trying to tell people but they aren’t paying attention so it just goes right over their head and they don’t have any idea what I was saying. So in that way it’s kind of amusing. I think I need to figure out the actual purpose of this before I bother telling anyone and certainly before anyone cares. I’ve been really good about carrying around my notebook for quick ideas to write about later but less good at actually writing those ideas down. Maybe I’ll tie these together and try to make my morningly posts a quick summary of some of the sparks from the previous day.