I’ve been feeling a strong pull between usage and security, between minimal and functional recently. Device wise anyway. I’m typing this from my iPad mini which I’m enjoying using more and more but can only do a solid 75% of my work from which means that no matter what I’m bringing a laptop on any trip with it, and that’s only looking at the function. It’s probably the least secure device I own even though I’ve locked it down as much as I reasonably can. I love the idea of burner everything and dumb hardware, but the ease of use of this is quite alluring. Even my air book which is only a wee 11″ seems cumbersome at times but at least I can use PGP and Tor and photoshop on it. I guess I haven’t quite nailed the setup I’m comfortable with. How cool would it be to have an “I’m traveling so no access to email” policy?