Extended travel always makes me reconsider the stuff I bring and thus the stuff I own. If I can be on the road for a month without something and don’t miss it, do I even need it? And if I bring it and find myself not using it, well that says something too. At home for long periods it’s easy to justify options, but more often then not I have all these choices sitting on a shelf never using them just telling myself I might. I sometimes use travel as a test – instead of the thing I always use, pack one that I don’t. If over the course of the trip I fall in love with that thing then it’s worth keeping, if I spend the whole trip wishing I’d packed the other thing, then buh-bye. I’m testing some t-shirts, watches and travel coffee items this time around and so far it’s leaning towards trim. Also I really wish I had my new synthesizer because these iPad apps really aren’t cutting it, so that’s a good sign.