Of the ongoing battles with non-sentient things in my life, the battle with my schedule is the most grueling. Several times over the last year I’ve realized that the time spent scheduling a thing actually took longer than the thing itself, and even more often I’ve been amazed at my inability to fit a regular 10 minute thing like meditation into the whole of 24 hours. I gave in and hired an assistant to help with the scheduling of people and process and it’s been one of the greatest things I’ve ever done in my life, so much so that I’m annoyed it took me so long to realize the potential benefit. Now rather than spending hours trying to find time for a 30 minute call the appointment just shows up in my calendar. I just found this which might make that even smoother. It’s a good thing I’m linking that here since no one reads this.

I haven’t figured out the solution to the personal shit like meditation or exercise yet. I know all the benefits and I’ve seen the positive results but need to find some daily gamification way to convince myself it takes priority over whatever other bullshit I’m doing. I’ve given up on the daily tracking apps as they end up being more of a reminder of mistakes than motivation for success.

Maybe I can reward myself with cookies.