Greg asked me today what I’d do with a Billion dollars. I immediately jumped to reply and then found it harder to answer than I’d expected. My brain raced with all all the shit I’d want to immediately buy for myself now that cost wasn’t an option, but of course when you have a Billion dollars you don’t want to loose it but you also don’t want to just lock it up – that’s boring – so this becomes a much harder question to answer. If you can do anything, what do you do? This was on twitter so my reply was short (I elaborated later). I said “I’d probably put a bunch in cryptocoins and real property, create a foundation/vc fund to invest some, & make shit.” The Cryptocoins and property are obvious safe holds, with crypto being much more speculative of course. The foundation is less defined in my head but the more exciting one – I see it as a combo of philanthropy and investing, with strong weight on people, projects and results. This got more interesting when Greg threw in the crowd funded superpac idea.

Now gears are turning, I have no idea how this would even work but suddenly super interested in the prospect.