“You can come in if you want, but don’t look anyone in the eye and if I say ‘go’ run for the door.”

We were on the way to school and Casey said he needed to pick something up – I’d assumed he meant at the store and didn’t think twice about it. When we pulled into that run down apartment complex off 43rd street I got more curious and asked what was up.

“I’ll tell you, but only if you can loan me a few bucks.”
“Um… OK? What do you need?”
“How much do you have? I need all of it.”
“I’m gonna need some more details here…”

“OK, I’m buying drugs. Specifically, some acid for Amy’s camping trip this weekend, I don’t know how many people are going so I’m buying whatever I can. I’ll pay you back next week I swear.”

I gave Casey the $40 I had and declined to go in with him. He was out of the car and back again in 5 minutes flat.

Since I helped pay for it I told him to let me see what it looked like. I’d never actually seen acid in person. “Sure, just don’t take it out of the baggie – if you touch it you’ll get dosed”

He handed me a small ziplock sandwich bag with a small sheet of paper in it with little perforations making tiny squares, and even littler stamps with the University of Florida logo on it. “Obviously those aren’t made by the university, but some chemistry students there make it” he said, I nodded but all I could think about was how easy this would be to fake.