Getting in wasn’t easy, but that was the point. The people who made it through the steps are the ones who needed to be there and the ones who didn’t, didn’t. The first step involved finding information from 15 different people, so the network was important. Find the people, play nice, get the details. With all pieces of info in hand the next step was revealed. 15 photos provided with no context. Finding the commonalities is required and not just the similarities but the differences. This eventually leads to a code and a clue. Then getting out of your head and back into the real world to move on the clue, and with a timeframe hanging over your head. Take too long and you miss the boat. Maybe literally. All clues moved on, all codes unlocked and the final group is the elite. You have a baseline for everyone there and know they can be counted on. It was a weed out process and it worked perfectly. We thought the hoops were the game, but that was just the invite to the real project that hadn’t yet been revealed.