Selling fake acid to other students was pretty easy. All the benefit with none of the risk, or so I thought. First of all most of the high school kids in middle of nowhere Florida circa 1988 had never seen real LSD so believable authenticity wasn’t that much of an issue. Get construction paper and a small… Read More


The cuffs on his jeans had started to wear through on the bottom, not from dragging in the dirt so much has just from the heavy fabric having been folder many years ago and never undone. The crease finally winning out over the structure of the threads. The age and wear was apparent in his pockets as well, having… Read More


Take 10 people and stick them in a room together and ask them what their world looked like – 30 years ago those people would have described the room and the other 10 people in it. If prodded further they might include references to thoughts of family and friends outside of that room as well.… Read More


The smell of solder always takes me back to my childhood. The taste of it shocks me right back into the here and now. But when you have to resolder the servo in your left hand holding the solder with your teeth is really the only option. It tastes so bad, I tried holding the… Read More

Going Down

“For some reason this building has an elevator, but you don’t ever want to use it. Not that you need to given that it’s just one floor to your apartment but believe me you want to take the stairs.” Handy advice my new neighbor from across the hall who’d heard me moving in and come over… Read More


“Wiccans Bro. They come out here, get totally naked and dance around in circles. But it’s cool by me, they don’t bother anyone and I can see some boobies, you know what I mean Bro.” Rattlesnake was telling me about life in the desert. I assumed his name was rattlesnake anyway since that’s what was… Read More


I hadn’t seen him in almost 20 years. I was nervous and excited, we’d spent so much time together before that and had gone our separate ways at such a confusing time and under complicated circumstances. It’s not how I would have expected or hoped it would have played out, but it did, and that was… Read More

Goes Boom

The fireworks wars of ’96 will go down as legend. We the residents of 3529 emerged victorious over the attackers from 3524. We crushed them. It all began on the evening of August 12th, at just after 9pm. They initiated the attack with an unprovoked deployment of a chain of black cats that lasted almost a… Read More


In hindsight setting up the table in front of a giant plate glass window probably wasn’t the best idea. We were thinking about the foot traffic – how many people would walk by. We were thinking about the background of the photos people might take, not wanting our message to get lost in the clutter. We were… Read More

That’s A Wrap

Instructions for new employees of That’s A Wrap Video Rental: If someone asks for the children’s section be sure to ask them if they want mind numbing or educational as these sections are on different sides of the store. Children’s movies with a liberal propaganda environmental message are in the back room and available only… Read More